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what to wear mountain biking

Removable guards offer superior ventilation and clearance for spitting or drinking from a water bottle, but they can be a slight hassle to stow on your pack and fumble back into place on the helmet. Consider gloves that are not too bulky as this creates a loss of dexterity. Still, there’s a wide range of conditions you may encounter so there’s a wide range of mountain bike jackets to choose from. Wear a pair of booties or shoe covers overtop of your mountain bike shoes to keep your feet warm and dry. This is because they are extremely durable and sell at an affordable price. Goggles are usually paired with full-face helmets, though many will fit with regular helmets — colloquially known as going ‘full enduro’. At this point, you may need to look into another mountain bike. I'd rather not discuss this with you; Flat pedal shoes tend to look more like skate shoes or trainers, and will usually have a lace-up fastening, normally with an elasticated band to tuck the laces in to. A day in the hills can be spectacular whatever the weather. Their Resistance Enduro glove is a great choice for most mountain bike riders. They also include height-adjustable, replaceable pins that help grip the bottom of your shoe while riding. You will find that there are thousands of models available from many different brands. This is mainly to add a little more protection if you happen to take a spill. It is important that they are wearing the necessary protective armor to prevent serious injury from occurring during a crash. They were named clipless pedals decades ago to distinguish them at the time from another style of pedal called “toe clips”. The Super 3R MIPS helmet by Bell Sports offers a removable chin guard and great ventilation. Most of you have probably heard of a CamelBak as their use goes well beyond mountain biking. This is because cotton absorbs moisture. The last thing you want to worry about is having a bug or other debris fly into your eyes. A shoe that is grippy and easy to walk in will be beneficial to this type of riding. Like jackets, riding trousers are normally available in waterproof and water-resistant variants. For instance, when tackling expeditions that require technical skills such as steep descents, I go for a helmet with more coverage. The coverage provided by full-finger gloves helps protect the hands from crashes and undergrowth, and some gloves will come with padding on the palms to provide additional cushioning. Neil gives you a insight into what you should be wearing when riding in a Bike Park. MIPS technology is increasingly common in mountain bike helmets. On the other hand, lightweight, breathable socks will help keep your feet cool in summer. A hybrid jacket will be less packable than a lightweight shell but it should still stuff into a riding pack. My buddies have some amazing mountain biking apparel and … This cleat typically snaps into a set of spring-loaded “clips” on the face of the pedal. After a few months of riding, and a couple of falls, I added gloves to the equation because skinned palms are no fun. You can unsubscribe at any time. The two most important factors when selecting a jacket for mountain biking are weight and waterproofing. In a general sense, you need to wear a helmet, goggles, biking jersey and shorts, gloves, shoes, protective pads, etc. While I’ve been into mountain biking for a while, I’m still short on proper mountain biking apparel. Check out their Resistance Pro DH glove if you are looking for a little more protection. This is especially true if you have to wait outside in the cold with wet clothes for any period of time. Not to worry, a lot of manufacturers still include the pad for those who are on the saddle for longer periods of time and need extra support. They also allow you to apply more power when climbing. In warm weather, go for a breathable, moisture-wicking short-sleeved t-shirt or biking jersey up top, and stretchy, durable bottoms. Mountain Biking Checklist Many riders like padding in their shorts, and some mountain biking shorts come with low-profile chamois. A good waterproof jacket won’t come cheap but, if you’re committed to riding year-round, it will be one of the best investments you make. POC Sports makes some of the best mountain bike armor in the industry. Fit is key when it comes to riding trousers. This is because some shoes feature cleats that clip into the pedals, while other shoes have a flat sole for use on platform pedals. Another great thing about the M520 pedal is that the release tension is adjustable. A mountain bike helmet can be a vital bit of kit for most mountain bikers. However, whenever and wherever you’re riding, there are a number of essentials you’re likely to need. Your email address will not be published. Your regular mountain bike gloves probably won’t cut it on really cold days. Your email address will not be published. Added extras such as Velcro tabs on the ankles, for a close fit, and abrasion-resistant materials are also useful. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to upgrade your gear, this guide should cover everything you need to know about what to wear mountain biking. If you own a mountain bike or you are planning to buy one, you should ensure that you have all the gears we have mentioned in the article. Synthetic materials will always be your best bet when shopping for mountain bike clothes. Shoe covers also work great for protecting against water. The pedal offers double-sided entry which makes it much easier to clip-in when you are in a hurry. Downhill riders typically don’t use backpacks as they are usually more of an annoyance than a benefit. In addition, select two base layers for the good survival against the cool environment. This lets you swap the lens out according to the conditions. Before you can decide on the perfect shoe, there are a few things you must consider. Crashes are inevitable while mountain biking and if you choose to wear minimal protection gear, the helmet better be above all else. Those two items suited me fine for two or three years. I know some people may switch depending on the weather but I just wanted to the majority of the time which bike shorts you wear when Mountain biking. Having the right gears for mountain biking is a very important thing if you really want to enjoy your rides. Gloves help you to reduce soreness due to vibrations from the bike. Most downhillers will wear goggles rather than glasses because they are more secure and offer more protection on long, technical descents. These helmets typically have a similar look and feel to road helmets. The same goes for mountain biking gear. Not only can the cleats get ruined from walking over rocky terrain, but they can also get mud and debris stuck in them. We've compiled all our experience into our guide to What to Wear Mountain Biking in Scotland Helmets are a must with Mountain Biking. It also delivers exceptional impact absorbency for the worst of crashes. Bicycle Repair Kit Checklist, Electronics Unless you race cross-country, this type of mountain bike short just isn’t cool anymore. The moisture can also cause chafing on your inner thighs. We’re talking proper hardshell waterproof jackets here, designed to keep the rain out for hours on end. Cross-country mountain bikers tend to wear a Lycra jersey, along the lines of a road cycling jersey, with rear pockets ideal for stowing spare tubes, tools and snacks. If something were to come in contact with your eyes at high speeds, not only do you run the risk of permanently damaging your vision, it may also cause you to crash. A helmet is an essential piece of kit for mountain bikers. It is best to avoid using regular shorts, especially those made from cotton. Sticking with Shimano, the GR 500 pedal is one of the best platform pedals on the market. Ever had a club ride at 6 but a hot date at 7? Had to ride your bike to the beach for a surf? Waterproof socks are popular with mountain bikers who ride in wet conditions because they help keep feet warm and relatively dry when shoes get wet. The soles are much stiffer than regular shoes and they are just flat out uncomfortable to walk in. Crashes are inevitable while mountain biking and if you choose to wear minimal protection gear, the helmet better be above all else. An articulated cut will help in that respect, too. There is nothing wrong with this, as you can never have enough bikes, right? Sometimes - it depends on the length of the ride. Not only is mountain biking fun, but it is also a great way to stay fit. There are some big considerations here. You want to avoid cotton at all costs, especially when it is cold outside. If you are going for a shorter ride close to home, the 50-ounce CamelBak will probably be your best bet. POC makes some of the best mountain biking clothes and accessories in the industry. Mountain biking is such a fun way to get outside and explore, plus its great exercise! If breathability is an important factor to you, look for jackets that have zippers under the armpits as this will add airflow. Polarized lenses are always the best option if you have some spare cash to spend. You used to see a lot of mountain bikers wearing tight-fitting jerseys, similar to those you find for road racing. Nowadays, no matter the discipline, you’ll mostly see mountain bikers wearing baggier shorts with a lot of pockets. Lots of trail and cross-country riders will choose to ride clipped in, like road cyclists, with a mechanism that connects a cleat on the sole of the shoe to the pedal. For more technical riding, there are chunkier pads available. If you end up going with the tights, be sure to choose a brand that offers a fleece lining for added warmth. While a sopping wet t-shirt in the middle of the summer is nothing more than an irritation, wet clothing on a cold winter day could result in the onset of hypothermia. Also, downhill mountain bikers tend to dismount their bikes more frequently. This technology helps redirect impact forces which help reduce brain injury. These jerseys also come with back pockets for storing your essential items while riding. Road-cycling-style bib shorts with a chamois pad are ideal either on their own or, more common for trail riding, as an under layer with a pair of baggy mountain bike shorts over the top. Also, be sure to set a budget when shopping for new gear. This is because different disciplines of riding require different mountain bike components. With the winter months upon us, it’s easy to slip into hibernation and hang up the bike until spring, but with so many great products out there to keep you warm and dry, there’s no reason mountain biking can’t be a year round passion. The shoe works with any brand of clipless mountain bike pedal, but the interface is snug and seamless with all Shimano SPD pedals, arguably the … If you typically ride tree-covered trails or live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall, it may be a good idea to choose a goggle or sunglasses with a lighter or even clear lens. If you’re just starting out then the best kit is the kit you already have, but as you progress then chances are you’ll want clothing designed for the specific demands of mountain biking. Padding and armor are mainly for downhill and enduro riders. If you are new to mountain biking, then you will need to spend some time researching the type of riding that interests you the most. It is important to purchase the right type of gear for the type of mountain biking that you will be doing. If you purchase a jacket that is too heavy, not only will it restrict your riding, you’ll find yourself taking it off sooner than later. How to Dress Mountain Biking | What to Wear Mountain Biking – Trail Riding, Enduro or Downhill Riding . A helmet is arguably the most important part of your mountain biking kit. The snug fit will not only help keep wind and debris out, but it will also keep them in place. Comfort, weather conditions, protection and to some extent personal style determine what to wear for mountain biking. The odds of slipping, pumped, or... Jersey. The VPD Air line offers lightweight and flexible knee and elbow padding that is barely noticeable when riding. Other riders opt to ride with ‘flat’ shoes and pedals, where the pedals have a rough-textured surface and ‘pins’ that project outward to grip the shoes. Although there are a lot of different models available, they all come with a rubber outsole that sticks to platform pedals like clips. The VPD Air line is also highly ventilated for temperature control. DH-purpose shoes, like the Five Ten Hellcat Pro and the Giro Chamber II, provide a high degree of walkability and foot protection while maintaining a durable pedaling platform. If you are unfamiliar with CamelBak’s, they are basically a backpack with a bladder inside them. Helmets probably have evolved the most throughout the years, besides the mountain bike itself. Check out this post for a great pair of mountain biking shorts that won’t break the bank. The type of helmet will depend on what riding style you’re doing. A good hybrid jacket is likely to be made from a softshell or padded fabric for additional warmth and stretch. If you come from a road riding background and you dress the same way to go for a winter rip in the woods, you will roast. These biking tights from REI are the perfect biking gear to invest in. Your best option is to purchase sunglasses that fit snugly on your face. Although sunglasses will work with full-face helmets, most riders choose to wear goggles. You will find that some gloves come with plastic or carbon fiber shells on the knuckles. The former are likely to be made from a hardshell fabric – the kind of waterproof trousers you might expect to use for hiking – and offer plenty of protection from the rain, but at the cost of breathability. Baggy mountain bike shorts will usually be knee-length and constructed from either a stretchy material or a robust, tear-resistant fabric with stretch panels around the back to allow the shorts to move with the rider. Featured product: Shimano PD-M8040 XT MTB Flat Pedals. It could just save you from losing your dignity… 1) Complete Mismatch Between Team Kit and Bike As with every other type of cycling, mountain biking can be a year-round activity if you have the right kit. If you like to take chairlifts and shuttle rides to the top of your descents and avoid uphill pedaling at all costs, purchasing a full-face helmet should be your priority. For best results, use them with wide-platformed pedals. If you want a full-face helmet that you can climb in, you’ll need to decide if a removable or fixed chin guard is the right call. Shoes are a critical component of your mountain biking gear. A cuff that is loose-fitting and/or stops at the wrist won’t do as good of a job as one that is longer and/or has a snug fit. A jacket like this should also be packable, meaning you can take it off if conditions improve and stow it in a backpack. Wearing protective eyewear during your ride keeps the wind and debris out of your eyes, allowing you to focus on the trail in front of you. Not only do these look kind of funny, but they also aren’t very comfortable to wear unless you are on the bike. They also have a sole with a tread pattern that works with the pedal pins and is made from extra-grippy rubber for the same reason. Some long-sleeve jerseys will have mesh panels to improve breathability. Like mountain bike shorts, mountain bike jerseys have also changed throughout the years. It’s unlikely to be fully waterproof either. Helmets designed specifically for mountain biking generally have an integrated peak, which helps keep sun and rain out of the rider’s eyes and deflect low-hanging branches. This is because your body heats up once you are a couple of miles into your ride. It is also much better for your joints than other options like running or weightlifting. The chances of slipping, crashing or bumping into a tree or rock are much higher than for commuters or most road cyclists, so head protection is crucial. Helmet. As a pro tip, try to match the color of your CamelBak with the rest of your gear. Options range from open face for XC to closed face when riding downhill style. Shuttle runs, lift served trails, and mountain bike parks all exist thanks to the downhill (DH) crowd. The Super DH Spherical helmet by Bell Sports is a great option for downhill riders. In general mountain bikers always wear a pair of a long-fingered glove which makes absolute sense because it stops you from getting pricked by things like branches Gloves should be thicker in the palm : Not necessarily padded but should have a thin layer padding in the palm to … There are two choices on offer: flat pedals and clipless pedals. Before you go out and purchase gear, you need to decide on the discipline you enjoy most. If you have some spare cash lying around, it is always a good idea to invest in a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses. Most riders wear knee pads at a minimum if they’re riding any trail where there’s an above-average chance of taking a spill. There’s always going to be an element of uphill riding involved in trail riding, but enduro, and particularly downhill, are a whole lot more focused on flowing through the berms, roots, rocks and obstacles on the way back down the mountain. Not only is it some of the best, but it is also worn by professionals like Fabio Wibmer. They are usually made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking material. If you ride year-round and live somewhere with an inclement climate (like us here in the UK!) Ultimately, the choice is totally up to you, and you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You want to choose a lightweight jacket that offers waterproofing protection for riding in the rain. It is important to understand that when someone says “clipless pedals” they actually mean clip-in pedals. GoPro Checklist. You may also find your shirt starting to creep up your back, especially if you are wearing a backpack. No, but I used to. BikeRadar's editor, George, has been writing about bikes for a decade and riding them for much longer. It may be a good idea to look for shoes that offer some sort of waterproofing. In association with Verbier. There is nothing better than flying down the trail, with adrenaline pumping through your veins and the wind blowing in your face. If you feel tights are too restricting, you can look into buying mountain bike pants. Not only are Five Ten shoes a great choice for downhill and enduro riding, but they also provide the comfort and style to function off the bike as a casual shoe as well. Or just for peace of mind. Riders need to feel secure when riding over rough ground and also be able to pedal efficiently up tough, technical climbs. A clear lens, for example, is good for riding in dull or dark conditions, while tinted lenses are better for reducing glare or increasing contrast. Chamois. Sure, your road and cross-country helmet will work fine, but the Trail and Enduro oriented … CamelBak’s come in many different sizes and colors. Stay cosy all winter long with irresistibly snug bedding from Rapport Home Furnishings. In partnership with This allows for more airflow to move into your jersey, keeping you dry. This is because these materials keep your skin dry by pulling the moisture to the surface of the clothing. They are double-sided and provide a stable, wider surface to support your feet. Cycling glasses … then riding trousers will make a big difference in mucky conditions. As mentioned above, downhill and enduro riders typically wear full-face helmets. Clothes that use materials such as spandex, nylon, wool, and polypropylene are the best option when mountain biking. Shimano’s M520 clipless pedal is one of the most popular clipless options on the market for mountain bikers. Clipless shoes look like road cycling shoes but will have a recessed cleat and a chunky tread to allow the rider to walk a little more normally. This is because of the terrain they typically ride and the speeds at which they ride this terrain. Apart from wearing a riding top and trousers (which is hopefully obvious), it is always worth having a lightweight wind jacket with you when out riding. The items recommended in this article are great biking accessory options and will help ensure that you are comfortable and safe during your cold-weather mountain biking adventures. A short-sleeve jersey will keep you cooler in the heat of summer but a long-sleeve jersey will offer a little more protection for your arms – both from the sun and nettles, thorns and branches. It is flexible, lightweight, and offers outstanding ventilation. What to Wear Mountain Biking Helmet. Don’t forget to look into one with great ventilation as full-face helmets will make you sweat on hot summer days. Do you wear a chamois while mountain biking? You want to make sure you can comfortably grip the handlebars and use your shifters and brake levers. In my defense, I’m not an extreme mountain biker, but still, I should probably get better outfitted. Never have, never will. The gloves cuff is also something to consider. There are more lightweight options than ever before that offer protection while still being able to pedal comfortably. But, if you are a woman you might not have the confidence to get out there and ride with the boys right away. That said, you’ll find a wide range of gloves out there, with lighter options for summer riding and more heavily insulated options for cold conditions. As you become more experienced, you may find yourself wanting to venture into a new discipline. You also need to factor in the demands of your ride. My choice of a helmet is dependent on the style of mountain biking in which I engage. He's a road cyclist at heart and is happiest in the mountains, even if he can't climb them particularly quickly. Mountain bike shoe buyer’s guide Mountain bikers have two options when it comes to footwear: clipless shoes or flats. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5. Most are made out of a breathable, moisture-wicking material that helps keep sweat off of your skin. The biggest difference between gloves made for road biking and gloves made for mountain biking is the finger length. A mountain bike helmet also sits lower around the back and sides of the head to provide better coverage. Drone Pre-Flight Checklist Any of the 100-ounce packs will be sufficient. Thanks! Warm Pants. It is extremely lightweight and conforms to the body well. By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions and privacy policy. Or you might keep it in your pack just in case the conditions change mid-ride and you need an extra layer. They are used to hold your essential items depending on the size you purchase, as well as any type of fluid. They should also have room for knee pads to fit underneath. If you live in a colder region of the United States, you can extend your riding season by purchasing some cold-weather gear. George has ridden the Etape du Tour, Maratona dles Dolomites and Haute Route, but is now beginning to venture off-road on his Mason Bokeh gravel bike and Canyon Spectral AL long-term test bike. Look for glasses with an interchangeable lens and multiple lens options. Clipless pedals allow you to fly through bumpy sections of trail without the worry of slipping a pedal. Getting your feet wet while riding can lead to the formation of blisters. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. This is to add even more protection for enduro and downhill riders. Your style and protection issues play a significant role when it comes to choosing a mountain biking outfit. There are just a few essential items that will really make a difference once the temperature starts to drop. Bell Helmets have been around for decades and offer some of the best protection in the industry. These items can include tools, extra tubes, snacks, sun protection, etc., New to off-road riding? The cleats are included when you purchase the M520 pedals and they will fit almost any shoe. This additional padding is ideal for longer rides over rough terrain. This is good for a beginner as it makes it easier to get in and out of the pedal. It is ideal for riders who enjoy the freedom of movement and reliable protection. If you’re heading off for an all-mountain adventure in the Alps or Rockies, for example, you’ll need to bring more serious kit because you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for mountain weather conditions. The style you choose should cater to the type of riding you do the most. There are a lot of different styles and brands on the market for you to choose from. Subscribe today and get the next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5! The knee and elbow pads stay securely in place thanks to an inner lining of anti-slip neoprene and an elastic strap with a Velcro fastening. If you are planning to spend a full day on the trails, you may need a bigger pack to carry more. Single lens goggles are a must as they provide superb eye protection. I recommend you to wear wool over the synthetic dressing to wear in winter for mountain biking. Then, after bouncing my knees off some roots, I decided I should also wear a pair of knee pads. Wearing tights under your shorts on a cold day will help keep you warm. There are a bunch of different styles of helmets for mountain biking. This will intensify what used to be considered a small crash. With their 3D padding, fast-drying material, and comfortable fit, these … Full-finger gloves also provide welcome insulation and windproofing in the autumn, winter and spring when riding in cool or wet conditions. You may also want to take some more essential packs so that you don’t feel unprotected during your bike adventure. You can also find padded shorts made of lightweight material or mesh, which are designed to be used just as liners under baggy shorts. Fox Flexair MTB pant – Flexible Racing Pant. The platform is made from lightweight aluminum, while the spindle is made from Chromoly steel. They are also made with extremely durable material to help resist weather and abrasion. The chances of slipping, crashing … You must first decide on the type of pedal you are going to use before you can decide on the type of shoe. Platform pedals are similar to the ones you probably had on your first bike. Eventually, you may need to upgrade your gear as you get more experienced. As well as being a way of expressing your style, long socks can help protect the shins and calves from scratches and cuts from undergrowth, or from the pedals themselves. The VPD System Torso is a great option for chest and back protection. The build-up of moisture can make your shorts and under-garments bunch up and cause discomfort when riding. For racing and technical riding, some mountain bikers will also use other body armour, such as elbow pads and back protectors. This mtb fox Flexair pant is specially designed for … A lightweight jacket will normally be made of a water-resistant material designed to offer some wind and rain protection, while still retaining breathability, often through mesh panels or perforations in the fabric. You find fewer mountain-bike-specific designs in outerwear. One should cover the basic part of your body on the bottom. What to Wear For Winter Mountain Biking. In general, trail riders and downhill riders tend to opt for baggy kit consisting of loose-fitting shorts with a pair of padded Lycra shorts underneath and a loose-fitting jersey, whereas more race-focused cross-country riders will often go full Lycra. This is the mountain bike kit you need to get started. One disadvantage of using clipless pedals while mountain biking is that if you are going to crash, it is nearly impossible to unclip your feet before going down. Trail riders wear glasses most of the time, but if the weather is particularly grim and muddy, goggles are an alternative option because they provide sealed weather protection with a wide range of vision. Featured product: Bliss Protection ARG Minimalist Knee Pads.

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