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medical affairs digital strategy

As Medical Affairs builds its new position in biopharma, our strong Medical Affairs expertise and more than 20 years of practical experience is helping our customers realize Medical Transformation. Medical Affairs organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to play a much more strategic role in the delivery of patient outcomes. The Director, Medical Affairs, will be a key individual to provide scientific leadership and guidance in the area of brand strategy and post approval research. This course is particularly suitable for medical affairs executives involved in preparing the market for a new pharmaceutical during the pre-launch phase, as well as new executives in medical affairs … Indegene helps global healthcare organizations address complex challenges by seamlessly integrating analytics, technology, operations and medical expertise. Lead engagement strategy by coordinating medical and scientific exchange across stakeholder groups to demonstrate patient impact Custodians of the benefit-risk ratio Publically volunteer unbiased medical evidence to reaffirm the focus on delivering patient outcomes Pillars of Medical Affairs Excellence 1 2 3 4 Fast forward and medical affairs now encompasses strategy, safety, communications, post-launch trials, field teams and much more – a sort of command central of pharma. Contact us directly for pricing. Covid-19 will eventually come to an end but there are many digital tools that are here to stay. With pioneering experience in medical affairs operations, Pharma Initiatives helps our clients achieve their medical affairs goals efficiently, compliantly and measurably. Over the last 7 years PHARMAFUTURE ™  has become a highly regarded platform for open and thought provoking studies and exchange of views among people who are entrusted with key strategic decisions within the pharma industry. Medical affairs plays a pivotal role in communicating with external experts and clinicians, and is key to identifying unmet medical needs, raising awareness with clinicians, and providing valuable feedback and insights that can better inform an organization’s development strategy. In the past, most patients were satisfied with undergoing a physical once a year, and only … With our dedication to address the most pressing issues, the Medical Affairs Congress, taking place December 1 - 3, has undergone a timely transformation, moving to an all-digital format and offering attendees the ability to Medical Affairs teams need a wide range of capabilities, says Danie Du Plessis, Head of Medical Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline. As biotech embraces more digital solutions, an investment into data-driven decision making and a self-service analytics model becomes crucial in showcasing ROI and value. They are known for being tech-savvy and innovative and prefer to use digital channels to consume information and engage with pharmaceutical companies. The future is moving in the direction of conducting more virtual conferences. Technology Strategy 2020 provides overarching guidance on the way technology is provided to assist decisions regarding the design, delivery and sustainability of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s futureIt is, . Medical affairs in the spotlight All of these factors necessarily push medical affairs to the fore. Millennials are currently the largest segment of the workforce and are rapidly changing the face of healthcare. Butler agrees the future custodians of the vast majority of high-level digital investment will be Medical Affairs and says they must take an active interest in driving the strategy and the implementation of these programs. Another trend of the digital transformation in healthcare is companies collecting their own health data from medical devices, including wearable technology. Regulatory. Ajit Kulkarni - former Senior Medical ScientistGilead Sciences. It is imperative to establish a connection with other practitioners, patients, and their families to adopt and implement a business strategy to optimize patient outcomes. Medical Affairs can help ensure that the Brand team’s proposed messages are consistent with the insert. The remarkable surge in the size and importance of the Medical Affairs function within pharma companies has roots going back decades. We conduct a digital situation analysis and begin to monitor and identify trends, phenomena, values and attitudes around the world. TMAC Advisors™, the consulting arm of TMAC, is lead by Norm Enriquez, PharmD, and consists of a cadre of recognized medical affairs leaders who have had substantial success as executives at large and small biotechnology companies. How can medical affairs digital leaders identify and implement a working, fit-for-future digital strategy? In-person communication and engagement is moving towards being replaced by online platforms. David Pudwill - Senior Director, Regulatory AffairsCONVATEC, Doreen Morgan - Vice President, Global RegulatoryMESOBLAST, Lee Severson - Associate Director, Global Regulatory Lead, Global Product StrategyCSL BEHRING. 22 Journal for Clinical Studies Volume 9 Issue 3 Nowadays, medical affairs plays a key role in communication, Move your Medical Affairs team to the forefront and join the. A key example is health economics and outcomes research. Medical Affairs stands to be one of the most strategically important. Here, Robert Stevens, Head of Digital Strategy and Medical Innovation, US Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Novartis, talks to McKinsey’s Ivan Ostojic about managing partnerships with technology innovators, and how these efforts are helping to transform the Medical Affairs organization and its engagement model. More than ever before, medical affairs teams are looking for ways to engage digitally with customers both by creating and utilizing existing tools and platforms. Unfortunately providers don’t have the time to sift through ... @Accenture-Strategy Elizabeth Coulton Baker Tilly works with medical device, pharmaceutical and other life sciences organizations in developing and executing their medical affairs strategy and therapeutic area platform. They will soon have the strongest purchasing power of any generation. The future of medicine will be directed by millennials and it is imperative to learn new skills to connect with them. Ashfield Healthcare Communications is a network of multi-award-winning agencies. This requires careful consideration and planning around the use of communications, publications, education and digital services. The digital landscape of healthcare has accelerated due to Covid-19. Join us for the opportunity to participate in an interactive meeting that will help to identify best practices when implementing a digital strategy within your medical affairs team. We help clients drive outcomes, revenue and productivity improvements by making giant leaps in digital transformation, customer engagement, health reform, healthcare cost reduction, and health outcomes improvement. Peter Covitz - Senior Director, Medical AffairsBIOGEN, Shurjeel Choudhri - Senior Vice President and Head, Medical and Scientific AffairsBAYER, Luca Dezzani - Vice President, U.S. Medical AffairsEISAI. What does the future look like for virtual conferences? “As part of our new business model, which puts Medical staff increasingly at the forefront of HCP Check back frequently as new jobs are posted every day. This can be particularly challenging in the small to mid-sized company where resources are limited in both access to software tools and platforms and dedicated personnel to manage and maintain the communication efforts. Director Global Medical Affairs Digital Strategy Innovation / Everywhere ; Location. He has also served in leadership roles for several observational registries focusing upon the treatment and outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease and has served as the Director of the DCRI Clinical Research Fellowship since 2010. MAPS Chair, Executive Program Committee All DGE programs are subject to change, we reserve the right to alter all programs without prior notice. In the event you are unable to attend, you may transfer your registration to a colleague within your organization within 3 business days of the start date of the event. ... strategy and innovation throughout the entire product life cycle. 0 Shopping Cart … PHARMAFUTURE ™  (www.pharmafuture.org) is a global thought-leadership forum for senior pharmaceutical executives through industry research and interactive sessions. With offices in the US, Canada, UK, China, India, and Australia, Indegene can partner globally with clients; leverage a global talent pool of clinicians, technologists, domain experts, and business process specialists; deploy global infrastructure and proprietary IP assets; and harness global healthcare knowledge to solve complex industry challenges. The utility of analytics is often misunderstood and developing a data strategy can be overwhelming. The importance of Medical Affairs has increased dramatically over the past few years from a supporting, reactive function to a central, strategic, customer-facing one. The registration fee, less the administrative charge can be credited toward another DGE conference of similar value (registration must be received within 12 months of the event from which you cancel). AstraZeneca. They also reduce travel costs and carbon footprints. Creating a patient-centric solution requires feedback from the patients, guiding decisions based on their needs and perspectives. TMAC Advisors provide extensive medical affairs consulting expertise to create customized, innovative solutions for your project-specific needs. The pandemic has shown how Medical Affairs can rise to the challenge and take a leadership … Old Line State (8) Commonwealth Of Massachusetts (6) Tar Heel State (5) Garden State (5) Wolverine State (2) Page 1 of 4 pages . As the impact of medical affairs activities on the commercial success of new pharmaceuticals has increased dramatically, all medical affairs executives will benefit from this course. PANEL: Maintain Meaningful Engagement Online. Let the experts in Medical Affairs take your organization to the next level. Edmond Kim - Global MCC Director, Medical CommunicationsAMGEN, Global Head, Real World Evidence Strategy, Director of Digital Innovation, Global Commercial Strategy and Operations, Executive Director, Medical Affairs Strategy, Associate Director, Global Regulatory Lead, Global Product Strategy, Senior Scientific Affairs Manager, Next Generation Sequencing, Senior Director, Global Scientific Affairs, Senior Director, Medical Affairs Strategy, Associate Director, Global Medical Communications, Associate Director, Data Science Lead, Global Medical Affairs, Associate Director, Medical Science Liaison, Oncology, Vice President, Scientific Engagement and Medical Information, Global Medical Affairs Strategy Lead, Oncology, Director, Digital Strategy Lead, Digital Medical Affairs, Senior Vice President and Head, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Senior Clinical Specialist, Pharmacogenomics, Medical Affairs, Director of Medical Education and Medical Affairs, Global MCC Director, Medical Communications, Head of Global Publications, Global Medical Affairs, Scientific Engagement & Medical Digital Lead. By Mary Alice Dwyer and Sameer Lal, Medical Affairs Digital Strategy Council The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on the vital role that functions such as medical information play within an organization at the time of a crisis. OVERVIEW Medical Affairs is both a rewarding and challenging area in the evolving environment of drug development and launch readiness planning. Any price differential must be paid when redeeming a voucher. Medical Affairs can also help verify product messages related to claims and findings that do not require FDA approval, such Deciding which emerging technologies are worth investing in and getting your team on board with change is often the hardest part.. Look, adapting to the digital era requires a shift towards a flexible and risk-taking mindset. It was between these separating tectonic plates It is one thing to build a strategy but implementation requires a clear understanding of where you have been and where you can go. The same strategy should be applied to many other functions as well. Imtiyaz Hossain - Associate Director, Data Science Lead, Global Medical AffairsTAKEDA, Claudia Morato - Senior Global Medical Affairs, OncologyELI LILLY & COMPANY. How do you secure meetings with KOLs virtually? It is crucial to showcase that the cost of investing is worth the outcome. Medical affairs has a prominent role in taking insights gained from digital health and educating HCPs on the ways products can be used to achieve the best patient outcomes. Everyone digests information differently and have different preferences on how they like to receive information and learn. This will include data generation, data analysis and interpretation, medical Medical affairs teams need to align a strategy to communicate the value of these tools to their organizations. MODERATOR: Sherry Siegert - Director, Medical AffairsLA JOLLA PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY, Suzanne Giordano - Executive Director and Head of MSLsSUNOVION PHARMACEUTICALS, Wendy Wells - Director, Medical Affairs TrainingAPELLIS PHARMACEUTICALS. Without a strong medical affairs function your commercial strategy is like trying to drive a car without an engine. The pharmaceutical industry must rise to new challenges, market access, value-based Learn More >, Indegene Digital Summit Virtual 2020 | A Multi-week, Virtual Symposium for pharma & biotech. While the research studies talk about the trends in stakeholder management, the live sessions bring together senior leaders of the industry in an interactive setting to discuss key challenges facing the industry, to share experiences and to brainstorm ideas and solutions to drive better health and business outcomes. In the case of a conference cancellation, DGE’s liability is limited to refund conference registration fee only. As a senior investigator at the DCRI, he has been the principal investigator for numerous phase II-IV cardiovascular clinical trials and is currently a co-principal investigator for the ADAPTABLE trial—the first large-scale pragmatic trials being conducted in the PCORnet network. Medical affairs teams have an overload of responsibilities. The ACMA established the first ever standards of excellence in medical affairs We have worked with No refunds will be issued less than 30 days prior to the event. Medical Affairs is a critical scientific bridge between Healthcare companies and their internal & external stakeholders. Transforming Traditional Medical Affairs to Launch the Next Generation of Breakthrough Gene Therapy Products Skip to content February 9-11, 2021 8am-6pm EST 100% Digital Menu Home About About Event Why Choose Us? These sites are becoming more prevalent in reaching out to consumers and other HCPs. Interested in sending groups of 7 or more? In the post-COVID era, physician practice patterns in largely outpatient settings have shifted focus to maximizing clinical hours in an effort to maintain income leaving healthcare providers less time and patience to learn new technology or new medical information. Kunj Gohill - Director, Digital Strategy Lead, Digital Medical Affairs NOVARTIS. The struggle for many HCPs is maintaining a rich and meaningful experience with customers and KOLs in a digital setting. Tanja Bosshard Becker ( t.bosshard@executiveinsight.ch ) is principal and Clifford Hall ( c.hall@executiveinsight.ch ) is MD/subject matter expert at specialist healthcare consultancy Executive Insight Instant Insights offers you a digest of vital knowledge and practical Medical Affairs sees its main role as an internal and external information source Marketing believes the primary role of Medical Affairs is to support the brand with scientific information Develop brand messaging from science and involve Medical Affairs to obtain buy-in Educate Medical Affairs on brand strategy to inform Over the next 12-24 months, prepare the medical affairs organizations for future through innovative and practical frameworks, guidelines, tools, and approaches. Medical affairs leaders will be able to use the research results to develop digital transformation plans, secure resourcing, and identify small and big opportunities. Medical Affairs: The Catalyst for Effective Medical Communications Contributed by: Debra Joyce, Senior VP, Managing Director, SCI Scientific Communications & Information, part of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide NOTE: The content below contains the first few paragraphs of the printed article and the titles of the sidebars and boxes, if applicable. Job DescriptionPosition PurposeReporting to the AVP - Head of Digital/Information Management, the…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. Download the PDF Brochure/Agenda for this Event, Create a Digital Cultural Transformation Within Medical Affairs, Understand the current landscape and what companies are doing with digital strategy, Learn about new digital strategies and how to implement them, Gain a clear understanding of what can be done successfully today in Med Affairs with digital, Learn about ongoing digital initiatives across the industry, Bring back innovative ideas to share data with your team, Updates on digital innovation applications in pharma, Discuss what new digital initiatives medical affairs colleagues are launching in Biotech/Pharma, Examine ideas for sharing real time, on demand scientific content, Discuss budget/pricing for digital innovation applications, implementation challenges and key learnings from successes & failures, Those professionals working within Clinical Development, Research & Development and are transitioning to a medical affairs role, Physicians, pharmacists, and PhD professionals wishing to transition into the pharmaceutical industry, Examine and identify business needs to create a business case to showcase the benefits and how costs will go down in the future, Identify how certain tools bring value to consumers and help you stay competitive, Set up the conversation with the appropriate stakeholders, Navigate privacy and security concerns in a virtual setting, Balance novel innovation with compliance and regulatory guardrails, Partner to build a digital regulatory strategy, Expand remote monitoring and other flexibility that FDA has allowed for clinical studies due to COVID, Discuss recent changes in remote monitoring from a medical device or medical app standpoint, Learn how to utilize the platforms that are available, Capture the audience and convey messages in a clear and concise way, Stay current with information by recognizing what is important and what is not, Engage with other medical affairs professionals to determine what tools work best, Change existing behavior and adapt to new, innovative tools to add value, Assist with interpretation and allow sharing of diagnostics among HCPs, Improve the patient journey through the development and implementation of a virtual assistant, Leverage at-home diagnostics with wearable devices, Ensure all digital tools and platforms can be accessed from smartphones, Connect healthcare to wearable devices such as Apple watches and Fitbits, Describe best practices for designing and executing remote advisory boards and KOL interactions, Discuss ways to leverage technology to streamline training and learning curves related to new scientific information, Utilize animation and leverage CME disease state “microsites” to drive on-going multi-media, on-demand medical education, Analyze digital strategy development and execution, Discuss hits and misses – the results achieved in the first years and how it influenced the path forward, Replicate a live setting which allows for a rich environment and live presence from pharma and biotech companies, Recreate the same activities as live events, Incorporate interactive collaboration tools that allows for the same type of engagement among peers, Evaluate competitors to gain insight to compare and improve quality, Track KOLs and observe their behavior to assist with your business strategy, Explore how social listening can be used to collect valuable insight from patients, Personalize digital communication based on their specific questions and needs, Create a menu of digital materials for patients to find the information they need, Conduct market research to find out who your audience is, Reach out to KOL base and identify where they go for their information, Have a dynamic feedback loop with customers to gain insights, Develop tailored digital innovation to cater to specific audiences for digital content, Examine which digital assets best fit the data type/scientific messages and are most effective to reach goals for successful ROI, Link metrics to digital assets to understand which content is most engaging to apply learnings for updating and/or developing digital assets, Use collaborative tools that allow presenters to work with the audience and large groups of people, Utilize audience-response systems to ask questions and collect answers digitally, Identify what tools work best for certain individuals, Plan good content to capture the attention of KOLs, Create content for MSLs to present the information of materials that will be discussed, Use the content of what will be shared instead of relying on the relationship, Use platforms that are validated and systems that capture all of the data, Align digital tools with regulatory by creating them synergistically with regulatory affairs, Tag and categorize insights for easier storage and access, Explore virtual advisory boards with polling and white board sessions, Replace lengthy presentations and reading formats, Take advantage of social media platforms for health care professionals, Implement digital strategies for post-market research, Understand the gaps, opportunities, data silos, and current data landscape of your team, Start small and utilize a structured framework to bring data to the hands of your users to increase adoption and create a data-oriented department, Avoid investing in “shiny” AI/ML vendors or projects without having a defined ROI and business use case, Case Study 1: Natural Language Processing in Medical Information & Field Medical, Case Study 2: Descriptive/Predictive Capabilities of Medical-Legal-Regulatory data in Medical Affairs Operations, Learn how to differentiate your digital strategy to fill in the gaps in a digital world, Determine the best tools to fit your company’s needs, Monitor the activity of KOLs on social media sites, Find out who they network with through social feeds, Examine their opinions and how they think by reading their posts and links, Provide CME/MIME on the go for HCPs needing access, Allow information online to be accessed for longer periods of time, Identify the team’s business needs and deliverables, Assess the team’s learning styles and strengths, and optimize information delivery to them, Consider whether to integrate multiple interfaces into a single platform for organization and easy access; and whether to leave them alone, Continue providing care for patients with the use of electronic communications and software without an in-person visit, Empower virtual engagement and conferences among HCPs, Collect insights via artificial intelligence, Support 3D virtual reality platforms that replicate live meetings, Encourage collaboration tools that allow for big groups to work together. A common pitfall for medical affairs is that there is too much focus on channels and too little focus on content strategy—content must be the cornerstone of every digital strategy with digital channels being the enabling tool. The members of the Indegene PharmaFuture™ Medical Affairs Digital Strategy Council, a platform dedicated to the open exchange of insights and ideas among senior pharma leaders, held their first meeting in New York on May 7, 2019. Bring together leaders from the industry to evaluate practical applications of modern technology for increasing the efficiency of the organization, enhancing communication, and improving compliance. Executive Insights Transforming the Medical Affairs Function was written by Pierre Jacquet and Christian Seiffert, Partners, and Sej Brar, a Principal.Pierre is based in Boston, Christian is based in Munich and Sej is based in London. How to integrate digital initiatives in the MA mix while respecting legal and regulatory guidelines. Track A: Tailor Global Medical Strategy Based on the Needs of Regional Partners Track B: Case Study: Review the Impact of Real-World Evidence on Medical Affairs Strategy Track C: Panel: How Medical Affairs Can Help Prepare the Market for a New Drug Launch Track D: Discuss Key Strategies for your Internal Investigator Initiated Study Operations Medical Affairs A study by Best Practices, a management consultancy, shows that nearly 89% of pharma players in India have a dedicated MA team . The Medical Affairs Digital Strategy Council, sponsored by Indegene, helps medical affairs organizations embrace technology and innovation to unlock growth and … Medical affairs needs to expand its focus beyond KOLs to drive interactions with a wider range of HCPs. Summarizing over 20+ research interviews with leaders from the council, download this whitepaper to learn more. Interactive sessions will teach you to build a clear digital strategy to bring back to your team. Examine how Medical Affairs can help act as a strategic partner and shape the trajectory of the Digital Therapeutics pipeline and life-cycle. For the 2nd Annual ACMA/DGE Digital Strategy & Innovation for Medical Affairs Summit, we’ve partnered with the brightest in the industry to build a program that focuses on the cultural digital transformation in medical affairs. Over the last 7 years PHARMAFUTURE ™  has become a highly regarded platform for open and thought provoking studies and exchange of views among people who are entrusted with key strategic decisions within the pharma industry. Similarly, digital technologies have produced a host of potential tools to improve adherence. Timothy Schwartz - Senior Scientific Affairs Manager, Next Generation SequencingROCHE, Sheetal Parmar - VP, Medical AffairsNATERA. the full range of channels and formats available. Social media has an enormous user base that can be targeted by the healthcare market. However, the ability to execute the basic tasks well remains a prerequisite for internal . Our Modular Medical Transformation Solution Puts Strategy into Action Many of the organizations that have begun to define, or are in the implementation of, their Medical Transformation journeys, are appreciating the complexity of reaching their goals, given the cross-functional focus, complex implementation, and lack of new capabilities, competencies and dedicated resources need to … In order to convince organizations to adopt and invest in new digital tools and strategies, they must ensure that it is approved by legal and regulatory. Examine how Medical Affairs can help act as a strategic partner and shape the trajectory of the Digital Therapeutics pipeline and life-cycle. Apply to Program Officer, Program Manager, US Commercial Country Lead and more! Best practices, cases studies, dos & don’ts of Med Ed, social media, mobile applications, etc. It plays a leadership role in implementing cutting-edge medical, scientific, and patient-centered insights & solutions that drive strategy and innovation in healthcare. Medical affairs teams are accustomed to in-person interactions, and these team members need to upskill and stay relevant to the new channels utilized by consumers. Nami Pandit - Global Medical Affairs DirectorSANOFI GENZYME. ACMA medical affairs strategic & consulting services. Here, Robert Stevens, Head of Digital Strategy and Medical Innovation, US Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Novartis, talks to McKinsey’s Ivan Ostojic about managing partnerships with technology innovators, and how these efforts are helping to transform the Medical Affairs organization and its engagement model. Over many years, pressure from regulatory agencies, payers and healthcare professionals, as well as public sentiment, has led to a clearer separation between the Medical and Commercial functions. part of the tasks assigned to medical affairs. Once voucher has been redeemed, no additional changes may be made. With costs at an all-time high and revenue decreasing, securing buy-in for new digital tools and strategies may seem like a daunting task. Virtual conferences are more time-efficient for HCPs who are busy. Indian Pharma Companies that traditionally manufactured generic drugs, in the past decade, started venturing into branded pharma products. Tina Purcell - Associate Director, Medical Science Liaison, OncologyASTELLAS PHARMA. Arguably, medical affairs has always been driven by external requirements - after all, it originally emerged due to pressures from regulators to separate medical and commercial functions. Indegene works with over 100 global customers including pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies, medical device manufacturers, life science organizations, health plans, health systems, ACOs and provider organizations. Moreover, content should clearly be high quality and unbiased, because these characteristics drive trust and adoption. INCREASING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT THROUGH DIGITAL MEDICAL STRATEGIES: CASE STUDY IN ESTABLISHING EXTERNAL MEDICAL AFFAIRS PORTALS AND CHATBOTS Divyesh J. Khetia, PharmD, MBA - Head, Global Medical Information Medical Affairs GSK 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM INCORPORATING HEOR INTO THE MEDICAL AFFAIRS STRATEGY Traditionally, thought leaders were tracked by looking at publications. New channels need to be optimized for medical education. 2,816 Medical Affair Strategy Lead jobs available on Indeed.com. It is essential to consistently demonstrate value to internal and external stakeholders in a digital era. In-person communication and engagement is moving towards being replaced by online platforms. Our discussions with Medical Affairs organizations have clearly identified that most companies today are spending disproportionate energy on operational excellence in document and asset management (eg, MSL slide decks, publications, and medical information standard responses) compared with driving insights and value internally and externally.

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