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is nottingham a good university

I don't understand how anyone can really give lower than 4 or 5* for clubs and societies, their is something for everyone and they are organised and manged very well. Campus is lovely and green, always tidy. Loads of clubs and societies on offer, as well as a giant student's union! The facilities are amazing, 8 libraries is so useful to me because it keeps my studies fresh being in different learning environments from day to day. The University of Nottingham professor said: “I only got a place at Nottingham because somebody cancelled. Read International student reviews for University of Nottingham Malaysia as well as it’s rankings. This year, Liverpool John … There are so many opportunities for students to further their studies as one of the worlds best research universities. The clubs and societies are endless and mostly very well run. Great university with excellent facilities. Amazing campus, very green. It’s also home to all sorts of wildlife. Proper good uni, great night life. I have loved every minute at this university. Having completed my Degree at Trent and MA at UoN its quite ironic that Trent being considered the 'inferior' University was so much better. Lecturers and wonderful, modules too, lots of clubs to join and be part of. The Campus is beautiful and very green in most parts (and that’s coming from someone who lives in the beautiful countryside of Devon). Teachers are amazing and always willing to help even though they are busy. The school isn’t as great as people say it is. Great university to help its students grow into more knowledgeable and better people. Student union was always a great place to go for help, advice and meeting friends, or even just for food or joining a society. Fantastic university with great students, top academics and a beautiful campus, Amazing university , insane sports facilities when not working great passionate lecturers. There are always events going on on the campuses. My grades weren't quite good enough and I … Love my uni, couldn't ask to be anywhere better! Great campus with very modern buildings the university always tries to modernate adding extra facilities eg. The libraries are amazing and usually have free space, there is a large range of societies to choose from as well. If you’re looking for a uni with the full package: education, sport/hobbies and social then this is the one of you. Slightly older than other halls but amazing atmosphere and staff are amazing. The opportunities are endless in terms of academics and extracurricular. The student union is alright but the pints are way too expensive. Show 186 Results . Decent facilities around and everything is generally in good condition. Friendly staff and brilliant students. Loads of clubs to go out in to allow for s great balance of fun and academics. Really easy to fit in and get going. I guess after they let the clubs out any city is unsafe. Beautiful campus, excellent facilities. However, don't be surprised if you are randomly forced to move halls 3 times in 2 days for no reason, if staff makes you waste your own money due to their incompetence, etc. We love helping people make the best decisions about University life. The campus is one of the best in the country. University of Nottingham is brilliant all round except for maybe the students union. My halls are great and my flatmates are honestly the best part of my uni life. The campus is so beautiful, very green, which is important to me and has Wallaton Deer Hall next door which is very grand and pretty! Do yourself a favour and avoid UoN. People are super nice and the city is easy to navigate, Pretty good univeristy. As Nottingham is a small city it's basically a student city, with a walk into town only 30 minutes. It’s so diverse, you will never be bored. A friendly environment to get a degree and friends for life. The recent Florence Boot issue and the way the university has encouraged silence around it fills me with rage and has royally spoiled the end of my second year. Great support programmes in place for those who require it. Campus is great, restaurants are convenient and cheap, my course is an absolute doss so that’s all Gucci. Graduate Employability Ranking. Library facilities are greAt but food in halls is appalling. The best University, 100%. The sports at Nottingham is fantastic, being a high achieving University in competitive sport. 01/12/2020. Wifi is patchy and annoying but that might just be eduroam in general. I am genuinely really enjoying my experience here. This uni is something really special. Honestly, I’m so glad I came here- I will hopefully leave with a good education, positive memories and an improved mental health. University Park is full of green spaces, trees and even a lake- its stunning all year round. FEES. Such a good atmosphere, beautiful campus, great teaching staff and a wonderful city to spend three years in. Ever. The University of Nottingham do not do Ocean, like Trent do. The university is amazing. You won't regret studying at UoN. Need better notes given out because the handouts rip very easily in the current form. This univeresity is the biggest catfish I have ever seen. Such a great University! I currently study architecture and though it is a very demanding course it is good at the teaching materials,especially studio. The internet is poor, sometimes it can take 10mins at the start of your lecture just to get online so you can load the powerpoint. All state of the art facilities, always able to get resources when you need them and you can get access to the many libraries, pick your fancy. Beautiful buildings for the students to be in good conditions while studying. It’s a bit further away from town but only a 10 minute walk or bus ride away from Business campus. Also the bus routes to get into uni are great and come quite regularly. The campus is very pretty and makes you feel very safe. Steam) but works fine the majority of the time. the Student service is usually not very supporting but all in all great experience! I had the opportunity to get involved with rowing very competitively for my first 2 years, then had many other sports to choose from when I left. Brilliant courses. Great university, proud to tell people I study here! Also, if you are going to this uni make sure it is for an academic subject such as Law or Chemistry, they offer courses in subjects such as Film and Television studies that cost £15k/ year and turn out to be watching 1 film a week then attending a seminar to talk about it. Campus is stunning, buildings are great and I’ve loved my experience in the halls of residence. There is endless greenery and the lake makes it even more enjoyable. Lovely campus but bad course (film and television), Have loved my experience at uni, it has the perks of a beautiful large campus but everything is close enough together, and loads of stuff to do in the city. So many support staff and welfare officers to look after students. The university doesn't give two craps about its students' comfort, which may manifest itself in occasional infuriating and easily preventable inconveniences. I made friends for life and my experience prepared me for a great career. Excellent university - Having an SU club would improve it, Everything about this uni and city is AMAZING! Great university in every way! Hoping to have more lectures on campus from January. So safe too! The halls experience was amazing and provided and very organised. The newly renovated student Union is a handy hub for food as well as support, be it financial or employment. Take a trip down memory lane in Hockley, just a couple of minutes' … The University of Nottingham has 32,000 students and Nottingham Trent University has 25,000. UK degree, UK diploma, UK certificate, England degree, England diploma, England certificate, The University of Nottingham is a good university, UK teaching, and research level have an international reputation. and is very diverse: there are 200+ different societies and 70+ sports. I recommend it if you want to follow an engineering degree. Late night conversation. - both uni park and jubilee campus are modern and picturesque, halls and the little libraries dotted about are pretty I like the new sports centre, it is fully equipped and a the facilities are new and good. Beautiful campus and great facilities. And my course is also well set out. It is mainly used for Business School and Language students (particularly Chinese language students). This is the latest available data, published by UCAS - 30th January 2020. I dropped out after the first year. Study Inn Talbot Street- brand new accommodation, Cinema, entertainment area, cleaning service, spa & gym, On the doorstep of Nottingham Trent University, All reviews are the views of StudentCrowd members, not of StudentCrowd Limited, Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) website, Mechanical, production & manufacturing engineering, Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry, Physical geography & environmental science, Best Student Accommodation Providers 2019. StudentCrowd is free to use, but in order to report, vote, and leave reviews, you need to create a free account. WiFi mainly good! The facilities are absolutely outstanding, and the campus is the most beautiful university campus I have seen in my life. Staff are all friendly and help with any questions you may have. Theres a monitor of how full each floor is so you don't waste your time trying to find seats as there's other places to study. Facilities are amazing. The student union bar serves good reasonably priced food but the drinks are limited to cheap brands and are priced almost the same as many pubs and bars in the area so there’s no saving. #7. Especially if you live in Manchester as I do. Ahhh! An amazing campus with great facilities. UoN prioritises money over students. Food here is great; such a range. Just no student union club, good facilities, my needs are catered for. Glad to be a part of it. The schools for economics and politics (as this is what I know) make every effort to nurture free thought and help advance study, rather than simply indoctrinating students as can be the case at some universities, whilst there are plenty of societies in both academic fields and beyond (eg amazing sports societies) for those looking for something more extra-curricular than drinking. I am genuinely really enjoying my experience here. So pleased I came here! Teaching is phenomenal. The campus facilities are pretty dated and there aren't many resources to go around. While also getting involved in hundreds of different societies, not to mention their fantastic record at sport. Nottingham Trent University students on Whatuni say: “The experience so far has been excellent, I feel that there is so much to immerse yourself in, that it can get overwhelming at times. The exchange programmes offered for the business school is also very minimal. Arun Verma. Many of my friends I met through the massive selection of societies. Such a diverse range of courses can be studied. Excellent uni for anyone who wants a campus experience but still still wants to be close to a busy city! I am so grateful and couldn't have asked for more from my university experience! This university has given me a lot of opportunities to broaden my horizons in context of choice of careers after graduation and making friends slowly at my own pace. It offers a lot of opportunities for self-development, such as summer research projects, review projects and peer assisted study support scheme. Sporting and library facilities brilliant. Accommodation is even worse. Beautiful campus. University of Nottingham. Very good teaching in the geography department. Can’t fault it at all. Very helpful staff good level of teaching. All in all, toss uni. The WiFi isn’t great but the rest of the uni is good. Sometimes, you have to do an overbearing amount of prep and other times none at all. Have really enjoyed first year, my accommodation is great but the food could be better. Nottingham is home to plenty of employers, and offers particularly good opportunities in areas such as life sciences, engineering, digital media, finance, business consulting, retail and leisure. the university as a whole is amazing! Start Term. All in all the University is pretty nice, they can be really helpful and the grounds and buildings are very scenic. It’s a fantastic university and I have really enjoyed my time here. Student services are on another level. Very rich university with nice equipment. beautiful campus, beats everything, could do with an on campus club/good bar though. I've made so many friends from halls. Clubs and societies could do more to engage students, but they are all incredibly welcoming - same could be said for the students union. Fantastic uni with amazing facilities for my course, I have had nothing but a brilliant experience at the university of Nottingham. Campus is beautiful! A huge range of societies and everyone is very friendly. Campus is beautiful and all the services (finance, health, career etc) are so helpful and easily accessible. Would highly recommend going to the University of Nottingham. Great university. This uni decided to spend £1 million on a new set of steps and a water feature but refuses to pay lecturers the wage they deserve. Really good, halls could be advertised better and have self catered on campus, but the site is very good, Very nice campuses, a lot of support from staff, hundreds of societies to join, Great uni, beautiful campus and great atmosphere with students. The university has a gorgeous campus with lecturers and professors that are keen to help. A really friendly university with a great atmosphere. For a city that is often eclipsed by the likes of Bristol or Leeds, I’d preach that you don’t have to end up at Ocean (the home of cheese) or Crisis (Uni of Social night) to enjoy yourself.. Second year student accomodation returner. Definitely highly reccommended! SU is great and enjoyed my time here. It’s an overpriced institution with very little to offer!!! Staffs are deceptive. The campus is amazing, so many opportunities for students. The campus is beautiful, there are many contact hours and loads of opportunities to learn about research and postgrad education. With far too many societies to join even half of the ones that seem interesting and a great SU to back them, I would definitely recommend Nottingham to anyone looking for a University. Clear Filter. Facilities and services were great, loads of clubs and societies and things to do if you wanted to opt in. Very good facilities, the library is especially great is you are a science or engineering student. The libraries in this uni are ideal as during exam time they go into 24/7 and there specific zones so if you want to study in silent that can happen. The campus is beautiful and the internet is great. An amazing Uni, where everything is top notch. I do history and Eastern European cultural studies and the support staff and tutors are amazing. Couldn't ask for more in teachint quality, sports and so many societies. Course is amazing and is always listening to student's feedback and then improving. Nice uni in general except for the horrendous catered halls. Teaching at the university is of the highest quality, with staff being both knowledgeable and engaging. Amazing campus, staff are really friendly and always willing to help, Such a lovely place to be with so much going on and green spaces make it have a great atmosphere when you want to relax outside of going out or working, The campus is absolutely stunning- so much green space, beautiful buildings both historical and new. not much experience with careers service, but job page is regularly updated & it is easy to make an appointment with them, Great place to learn, the course that I am currently doing is hectic but the staff is very helpful. Certainly shouldnt have dropped that far down the rankings, The best environment for student to study, It is a great time and there is tons of stuff to do. There is a society for everyone and there are many opportunity for everyone! The university has a gorgeous campus with lecturers and professors that are keen to help. SB campus is lovely, society opportunities are fab and teaching is second to none. However the food in the canteen in jubilee is a bit lacking and the canteen in university park is not very student price friendly. The best Cities and Towns to be a Student. The campus itself is huge and very pretty and there's lots of hidden places to explore. Eduroam wifi is the same whichever uni you go to, not great. Better welfare needs to be done. UoN is great . Nottingham Forest FC 'As good as anybody' ... Nottingham Trent University professor says it could take 4 months for over 50s and people with health conditions to be vaccinated. Facilities are full of useful resources and staff (on my course anyway) provide you and point you in the direction of lots of useful sources and literature. Studying my MA here and I graduated at another uni so UoN is all very new. City is great addition to campus. The social atmosphere is great as you'll always find people that will like you or who you are as most people here are very friendly. It was the first British university to establish a campus in Malaysia, in 2000, and the first foreign university to … The campus is beautiful - Absolutely love it here. My time at the University of Nottingham has been great so far. Only gripe is the distance between campus’ and to get to certain sports clubs (eg. No contact with careers yet so no help there. One of the most beautiful campuses and extraordinary support from the staff. Average range for University of Nottingham entry requirements. Great contribution from student union with many societies. Newark Hall is the worst managed hall. Hallward library needs a revamp. I am a big fan of Nottingham, great city, great course, great campus. Great city with good transport links too. As a accounting and finance student the material covered is in depth and encompasses a broad spectrum. Not to mention the other campuses that I also had to visit for exams throughout my time there. UoN's assessment and administration skills are absolutely shocking, with the length of time to mark and return assessment beyond a joke. Staff are great teaching is superb cant really complain about the university. Really decent Uni with the perfect work/play balance, good facilities, wifi available everywhere but can drop unexpectadly at times, Always something on and with the best campus in the country you're sure to enjoy your time here. The University of Nottingham has by far the best campus in the UK and is the perfect place for a first year student to settle down as everything is easy to get to and the city’s centre is only a short bus ride away. Amazing campus with all the facilities you could want. The University of Nottingham is a Russell Group university, rated gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework. They lost one of my feedback coursework, they missed me off enrolment for my THESIS MODULE (I nearly missed the information about the proposal deadline and access to the form), and the change of module process is ridiculous, leading me to miss lectures. It is great as it's in the middle of the country so it is easily accessible. I absolutely love being a student at UoN, wouldn't change it for anything. However, can often be a little disorganised especially in regards to accomodation and starting your course initially, though still provides lots of support if you desire it. But this is only a good thing.” “Incredibly amazing. Halls of residence are generally nice and transport to and from uni is good. best university campus and courses available, great experience, great campus and people. We have a campus bar, lots of campus cafes and shops. Great University! Fabulous uni, great resources, lovely place to be, It’s a good university with many facilities and opportunities, Really good feel to the uni with lots of sports and societies - way more than most universities, Piece of s*** university, three years of wasted time. Very good University, never had any problems. Great student union to get stuck in. There's so many great facilities on campus, have a look on the website, there's literally everything you could need and more! Career service could give lots of help,including interviews and cv, Great social life and campus and facilities. ways of learning in lecture,libraries. The campus is very green and and the facilities are maintained to a high standard. This is getting long now but Uni of Notts is clearly sick. All data is based on UCAS standard definitions. #62. Mooch/The Den bars aren't particularly appealing, but the food is good and the atmosphere is always good. The placement team for pharmacy are extremely unhelpful. Not had the chance to fully experience the uni since my lectures are mostly online, but happy so far! Supervisor and support tutor always keen on helping. Campus is nice lots of green space, teaching is varied and support is poor, especially for people with learning difficulties and when wanting help with careers or life after uni. Everything about this university is amazing - study spaces are gorgeous, the course is amazing. Discipline. Amazing, I’ve been to Exeter for a term and Nottingham Uni is better in every way. Nottingham city centre is a walk/bus ride away and is a great place to shop, hang out and eat. Been to three campuses, Malaysia campus is the worst. There are many societies to take part in and the societies have a very large range- you can literally find a society for anything. Gorgeous campus, great facilities, superb student experience and one of the most targeted universities in the UK by employers! There is so much to get involved in, something for everyone. Excellent campus and great help with careers advice. Eduroam is terrible, everything else is incredible, I hate the University of Nottingham, I’ve been here for three years and all I want is to leave. The city itself is very convient cheap travel and nights out are known here for being one of the best. Nottingham is a welcoming city, being from London it feels like home in terms of how the city is constructed. They offer a lot to students. Nottingham is an great city (though there are parts you should avoid) and Uni of’s situation around 15 minutes bus from the centre of town makes its serenity ideal, with bus links directly into the centre of town easily accessible. Every course is unique and very specialised! Great facilities and the green of the campus makes everyday good. So happy that I came to this uni, the sports facilities are great. Russell Group university heavily targeted by employers. There are a huge variety of things to get involved in. The uni is very pretty and the campus has a lot of great facilities and is close to town. As a international student.The Nottingham University provides me a standard apply way. A fantastic university with great facilities. I chose to study philosophy, but I want to be a games developer. But yeah it's totally worth every single comment. The university has a North and South divide. Employees are very helpful, campuses have beautiful scenery. The university programme will be run by competent staff members and its what you bring to the table that will make the experience worthwhile or not. Ink and the union club are definitely on of the best nights out. First off the accommodation and halls are great for freshers. Never dreamed of it to be so great. Careers service hitherto have not used. The career service, partnered with Unitemps offers many new opportunities on campus through the year and establishes an easy to understand system for employers to connect with potential and current employees. Student union building does not have a good location for night life/parties, hence these all occur in the city, which can be a hassle to get to if you live on campus. Beautiful campus, lots of fully renovated study space, excellent student support and limitless number of extracurricular activities. Not perfect by any means (I think it probably varies course-wise — mine are pretty naff with communicating certain things) but the community here is like no other. I’ve enjoyed my time studying there massively. Along with all this, the admin side of things is terrible! Nottingham Civic Exchange is leading Good Work Nottingham with partners from across the country and the region. Whether it’s related to welfare , disability, grades or just in need of advice, the concern is disgenuine and rarely gets anywhere. nice main campus with alot of facilities. Nottingham University rocks. The business campus is small and situated between town and the main campus. Ranked joint 84th in the world in the QS World University Rankings® 2018, the University of Nottingham is particularly strong in the following subject areas: nice university, too crowded which means lots of friends to make, loads of amenities that u won't need anything that makes u feel home sick, A very nice place to study in love with the university and the city as well. 33,540 students are enrolled at the University of Nottingham: - 25,370 of these students come from the UK- 1,545 come from other EU countries- And 6,630 are students from non-EU countries. Amazing university, beautiful campus, good facilities, good halls, amazing memories. We'll send you an email so that you can verify your free account. Have yet to need to use the careers service but from what I hear it's good. Need more funding to get to and from placements. I wasted three years of my life at the University of Nottingham. Love University of Nottingham!! The campus is absolutely gorgeous, so much green space and the lake is perfect to have a walk around after a stressful week. It also lacks a student union club when Nottingham Trent has a very good student union club. Loved it so much I came back for more. Especially the opportunities UoN gives its students - it truly is uncomparisable. Lectures are well structured with lots of links for resources. Good, but I obviously have nothing to compare it to, Lovely green campus with lake and activities. Nottingham is a beautiful campus and attracts great students. Amazing! The University of Nottingham is consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities (QS World University Rankings). It's a shame all events are so heavily ticketed at the university. It was awarded its Royal Charter in 1948, becoming the University of Nottingham. Student union is mooch where all the beer is off but that’s fine I guess. Ridiculous. I can not express to you how poor the organisational skills at UoN is, considering it is supposed to be in the top 100 globally. #99. My lecturers are distinguished and convey information well. It’s okay , I’m enjoying myself it’s the accommodation staff I’m having trouble with.

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