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robustness analysis econometrics

Syndicated investors almost invariably used the same securities as those used by the investors that provided these data. Bente Villadsen, ... A. Lawrence Kolbe, in Risk and Return for Regulated Industries, 2017. We examine the fundamental trading of economic and social powers among agents, and draw on well-known methods of game theory for simulating and analysing outcomes to these interactions. Figure 6.3. The final specification results from a process in which the model structure is revised as estimation proceeds, by adding parameters and changing functional forms, as deficiencies in model fit are discovered. Hansen & Sargent achieve robustness by working with a neighborhood of the reference model and maximizing the However, there may theoretically be cases in which the entrepreneur faces a trade-off when he knows the venture capitalists preplanned exit strategy is an acquisition: if he gives the venture capitalist more control, the firm is going to have a higher exit value but at the same time he loses his private benefits; if he gives the venture capitalist less control, the firm is going to have a lower exit value but the entrepreneur is able to retain his private benefits. At the same time, sharp increases in the allowed rate of return create problems for customers. robustness analysis and present different taxonomies proposed in the literature. These assumptions, which include the structural specification of the model and the values of its … Robust data processing techniques – i.e., techniques that yield results minimally affected by outliers – and their applications to real-life economic and financial situations are the main focus of this book. We do not know the “true” model of the cost of capital, so it is useful to consider evidence from all reasonable models, while recognizing their strengths and weaknesses and paying close attention to how they were implemented. Rejected or invalid models are discarded. 4:34 Importance of robustness analyses illustrated using Global MPI data. First of all, while the size of the conditional volatility does depend upon the window's size, the time series behavior of the conditional volatility is more or less the same as shown in Figure 6.3. 1. Numerous alternative specifications were considered. The forecast was compared to its actual impact. It has been argued that one problem with the conventional model of the hedge ratio, as represented by equation (6), is that it ignores short-run dynamics and the long-run relation between stock prices. I would also add that the effect may change when you alter the covariates or the sample, but it should do so in a predictable and theoretically consistent manner to be called robust. Specifically, if p and p∗ are related by the long-run relation: and if they are cointegrated such that εt∼I(0), then equation (6) is misspecified and the correctly specified model is an error correction model of the form: where θ is the coefficient on the error correction term, which should be significantly negative for the model to be valid. An example of such an approach may be to have a hearing at which only the cost of capital is reset, as opposed to an entire regulatory proceeding.10 Setting rates on a yearly basis is a good example of an approach that mitigates the concerns of volatility in the underlying true cost of capital. Given a solution β̭(τ), based on observations, {y, X}, as long as one doesn't alter the sign of the residuals, any of the y observations may be arbitrarily altered without altering the initial solution. Robustness Analysis is a method for evaluating initial decision commitments under conditions of uncertainty, where subsequent decisions will be implemented over time. First, the ways in which contracts between investors are negotiated in respect of preplanned exit behavior might be a fruitful avenue of further theoretical and empirical work. Note: Table presents the variance decompositions (VDC), which show the components of the forecasts error variance of all variables within the panel-VAR. To illustrate our claims regarding robustness analysis and its two-fold function, in Section 5 we present a case study, geographical economics. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. The model was estimated using only control group data and was used to forecast the impact of the program on the treatment group. They estimated several models on data before the window was introduced and compared the forecast of the impact of the pension window on retirement based on each estimated model to the actual impact as a means of model validation and selection. (2006a), Klibano et al. Many regulators review estimates from multiple models before arriving at a decision on which cost of capital to allow. The most stable and robust model will produce volatile estimates (over time) if the underlying cost of capital is itself volatile. We are research group from Saint- Petersburg, Moscow, London and Sydney, who conduct advanced quantitative research in the fields of Economics, Finance and business Analytics. (2005); our data only enabled a control variable for captive investors versus noncaptives. Variables within the panel-VAR are estimated alphas by country and by year (from Tables 5 and 6). In Panel A of Table 6.4 we present the results of the regression analysis when only the dependent variable is included in the regression. Sharpe defined the difference between the return on a risky asset and the risk-free return on another secure asset as a good measure of the reward and the variance of the return on the asset as being an appropriate measure of risk. It is also noteworthy that the private investors did not indicate significant alterations to their contract structures across financing rounds (since they felt that the negotiation and transactions costs would outweigh any benefits). If the financial crisis increases the cost of capital, failure to recognize this increase shortchanges investors. Lars Peter Hansen, Thomas J. Sargent, in Handbook of Monetary Economics, 2010. Variance Decomposition Estimations for Alpha, Fraser Regulation, Supervision Index, z-Score. Table 6.4. We report the results of a regression where the dependent variable is the conditional volatility of the CAR. While Lien’s proof is rather elegant, the empirical results derived from an error correction model are typically not that different from those derived from a simple first-difference model (for example, Moosa, 2003). The validation exercise exploited data that were unavailable at the time of estimation to validate their model. Sensitivity analysis examines how changes in the assumptions of an economic model affect its predictions. Fortunately, in many economic applications, pa rticularly using linear models, the analysis is more robust than the assumptions, and sensibly interpreted will provide useful results even if some assumptions fail. Part 1 Robustness analysis. Michael P. Keane, ... Kenneth I. Wolpin, in Handbook of Labor Economics, 2011. Various attempts have been made to design a modifiedmeasure to overcome this shortcoming, but as to date such proposals have been unable to retain the simplicity of the t-statistic and the Sharpe ratio, which has impeded their acceptance and implementation. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. 2008, 2015) respond to this di culty by using robust control theory, which they relate to work on ambiguity in decision theory, including Gilboa and Schmeidler (1989), Maccheroni et al. Thus, one criterion for model validation/selection that fits within the “pragmatic” view is to examine a model’s predictive accuracy, namely, how successful the model is at predicting outcomes of interest within the particular context for which the model was designed. Examples are pervasive, appearing in almost every area of applied econometrics. Mamatzakis, ... Mike G. Tsionas, in Panel Data Econometrics, 2019. The results, therefore, are robust. However, this approach is time-consuming and potentially expensive to implement. Yet another procedure to estimate the hedge ratio is to use an autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) model of the form: in which case the hedge ratio may be defined as the coefficient on Δpt∗(h=β0) or as the long-term coefficient, which is calculated as: In this exercise, we estimate the hedge ratio from nine combinations of model specifications and estimation methods, which are listed in Table 5. Of these, 23 perform a robustness check along the lines just described, using a To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. only a few representative specifications, but there is no reason why Find the farthest point in hypercube to an exterior point, Plausibility of an Implausible First Contact. In this pragmatic view, there is no true decision-theoretic model, only models that perform better or worse in addressing particular questions. Is it illegal to carry someone else's ID or credit card? Impulse response functions (IRFs)—alpha, Fraser regulation, supervision index, z-score. The effect of a one standard deviation shock of the Fraser regulation index on alpha is negative; the same applies for the z-score variable.22 Table 11 presents VDCs and reports the total effect accumulated over 10 and 20 years. All approaches fall short of an assumption-free ideal that does not and is likely never to exist. Hypothesis testing as a means of model validation or selection is eschewed because, given enough data, all models would be rejected as true models. As should be clear from this discussion, model validation, and model building more generally, are part art and part science. Put differently, how can DCDP models be validated and choices be made among competing models? This type of analysis was severely criticised in an influential article by Levine and Renelt (1992) for its perceived lack of robustness. This book presents recent research on robustness in econometrics. At times, I have used regularization on a less carefully selected set of variables. The latter were offered a rent subsidy. Variance Decomposition Estimations for Alpha, Herfindahl Index, Domestic Credit to the Private Sector and Sovereign Risk. More recently, the robustness criterion adopted by Levine For this reason, researchers will attach different priors to a model’s credibility, different weights to the validation evidence, and may, therefore, come to different conclusions about the plausibility of the results. That's a tough question. If T is above 1.645, the returns are said to be significantly positive at the critical threshold of 5 per cent. McFadden and Talvitie (1977), for example, estimated a random utility model (RUM) of travel demand before the introduction of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system, obtained a forecast of the level of patronage that would ensue, and then compared the forecast to actual usage after BART’s introduction. These factors did not materially impact the analysis of the variables already considered. In contrast, in the absolutist view, a model would be considered useful for prediction only if it were not rejected on statistical grounds, even though non-rejection does not necessarily imply predicted effects will be close to actual effects. Section 5 considers robust ways of reducing the dimension for high-dimensional data. There are two approaches to model validation, stemming from different epistemological perspectives. used. Should hardwood floors go all the way to wall under kitchen cabinets? The “suburb” type happens to be the most important one with a negative impact on the uncertainty. Our dataset provided some new control variables for entrepreneurial firm quality and venture capital fund quality; future work might consider more refined control variables with more detailed data. The cumulative abnormal return conditional volatility for different windows. Nor will non-rejected models necessarily outperform rejected models in terms of their (context-specific) predictive accuracy. Can "vorhin" be used instead of "von vorhin" in this sentence? A recent sustainability analysis carried out by the authors quantified the environmental and social impacts, and the net present value (NPV20), of the most commonly used odour abatement technologies, confirming the more sustainable performance of biological technologies and the key relevance of the operating costs in the overall process economics (Estrada et al., 2011). The formula of the Sharpe ratio is: with R¯ the annualized return of the trading rule, Rf, the annualized risk free returns of the asset under management, and σR annualized standard deviation of (daily) rule returns. 开一个生日会 explanation as to why 开 is used here? Estimation results with nine model specifications for the Hedge ratio. We note that this is not only a modeling issue, but also a policy issue. For example, estimates of beta (the measure of risk in the CAPM) for North American utility stocks were very close to zero in the aftermath of the collapse of the tech bubble in 2000, suggesting a near risk-free rate of return for these securities and indicating (obviously wrongly) that investors were willing to invest in these companies' stocks at expected returns lower than those same companies' individual costs of debt! We present both impulse response functions (IRFs),21 which present the response of each variable to its own innovation and to the innovations of the other variables, as well as variance decompositions (VDCs), which show the percentage of the forecast error variance of one variable that is explained by the same and other variables within the panel-VAR. McFadden’s model validation treats pre-BART observations as the estimation sample and post-BART observations as the validation sample. The first is the view that knowledge is absolute, that is, there exists a “true” decision-theoretic model from which observed data are generated. As long as the lag is symmetrical, i.e., is of similar length whether the cost of capital is generally rising or falling, both customers and investors can expect fair treatment over the (typically long) lives of regulated investments. External links. Second, recall (Section 12.2) that our intuition linking preplanned exits to contracts involved two themes: one involved the venture capitalist disclosing to the entrepreneur the exit strategy, and the other did not. For some time, this analysis was considered as a ‘kiss of death’ for the empirical analysis of economic growth using Barro regressions. Broll et al. http://econ.ucsb.edu/~doug/245a/Papers/Robustness%20Checks.pdf, “Question closed” notifications experiment results and graduation, MAINTENANCE WARNING: Possible downtime early morning Dec 2, 4, and 9 UTC…. This paper investigates the local robustness properties of a general class of multidimensional tests based on M-estimators.These tests are shown to inherit the efficiency and robustness properties of the estimators on which they are based. It is general practice to report performance in absolute terms as well as in a risk adjusted form (De Rosa, 1996; Murphy, 1990). Can I consider darkness and dim light as cover in combat? Most empirical papers use a single econometric method to demonstrate a relationship between two variables. In general, all models discussed here have characteristics that make them more or less suited to one economic environment versus another. If T is above 0.841, the returns are said to be significantly positive at the critical threshold of 20 per cent (that is, 5 per cent and 20 per cent probability, respectively, that this conclusion is incorrect). For each regression we report three tests of the presence of a unit root in the residual of the regressions. Wise (1985) exploited a housing subsidy experiment to evaluate a model of housing demand. As a robustness test and in order to deal with potential issues of endogeneity bias, we also employ a panel-VAR model to examine the relationship between bank management preferences and various banking sector characteristics.19 The main advantage of this methodology is that all variables enter as endogenous within a system of equations, which enables us to reveal the underlying causality among them.20 We specify a panel-VAR model where the key variable is alpha, the shape parameter of the managerial behavior function; we also include the main right side variables of the previous section. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Which game is this six-sided die with two sets of runic-looking plus, minus and empty sides from? The purpose of these tools is to be able to use data to answer questions. What does a model being robust mean to you? That a statistical analysis is not robust with respect to the framing of the model should mean roughly that small changes in the inputs cause large changes in the outputs. Is it the case that the cost of capital has changed significantly, or is it a problem with the models and how they are implemented in the current environment? site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. There are other sense of robust that are often used and are somewhat related: robust to heteroskedasticity or autocorrelation, outliers, and various assumption violations (like error distributions). Further empirical work might shed more light on this issue if and where new data can be obtained. While quantile regression estimates are inherently robust to contamination of the response observations, they can be quite sensitive to contamination of the design observations, {xi}. Alongside sensitivity, confidence and data integrity, Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS solutions assure reliable, robust dioxin analysis … A separate, though related, issue is how the regulator should respond when the true underlying cost of capital enters a volatile period, for example, following the recent financial crisis. Bivariate analysis • Correlation • An introduction to simple regression • Statistical aspects of regressions • Robustness of regression ... Econometrics is a set of quantitative tools for analysing economic data. Keane and Moffitt (1998) estimated a model of labor supply and welfare program participation using data after federal legislation (OBRA 1981) that significantly changed the program rules. The results are gathered in Table 6.4 and Figure 6.3. The ambitiousness of the research agenda that the DCDP approach can accommodate is a major strength. table with several different specifications: which variables are Thus, robust control and prediction combines Bayesian learning (about an unknown state vector) with robust control, while adaptive control combines flexible learning about parameters with standard control methods. What does a model being robust mean to you? One of the drawbacks of the Sharpe ratio compared with the t-statistic is that it is not weighted by the number of observations. During the early 2000s, the DCF model, covered in Chapter 5, was subject to substantial criticism related to allegations of bias in analysts' earnings per share forecasts.9 Similarly, the risk premium model has produced very different results in times of high and low inflation, however, these swings in the model results do not necessarily reflect actual changes in the true cost of capital. Regardless, as discussed we were unable to empirically distinguish between these two themes due to an inability to obtain details from the investors as to when the preplanned exit strategy was revealed to the entrepreneur (the vast majority of the venture capitalists did not want to disclose this information). of moments estimator, which is popular in econometrics. Can one provide convincing evidence about the credibility of these exercises? The robustness of Bayesian updating is tied to the notion of an approximating model (A, B, C) and perturbations around that model. We argued that both themes yielded similar predictions which were supported in the data. Kroner and Sultan (1993) used a bivariate GARCH error correction model to account for both nonstationarity and time-varying moments. Is it considered offensive to address one's seniors by name in the US? Imad Moosa, Vikash Ramiah, in Emerging Markets and the Global Economy, 2014. Moreover, 2.7% of alpha’s forecast error variance after 20 years is explained by sovereign risk. As advocated by Bird et al. Kuorikoski, Jaakko; Lehtinen, Aki; Marchionni, Caterina (2007-09-25). 6:15 Implications of conclusions based on a sample. so on. Thus the nonlinear error correction model corresponding to the cointegrating regression (31) is: where A(L) and B(L) are lag polynomials. Third, other variables considered but not explicitly reported included portfolio size per manager and tax differences across countries (in the spirit of Kanniainen and Keuschnigg, 2003, 2004Kanniainen and Keuschnigg, 2003Kanniainen and Keuschnigg, 2004; Keuschnigg, 2004; Keuschnigg and Nielsen, 2001, 2003a,b, 2004a,bKeuschnigg and Nielsen, 2001Keuschnigg and Nielsen, 2003aKeuschnigg and Nielsen, 2003bKeuschnigg and Nielsen, 2004aKeuschnigg and Nielsen, 2004b). This highly accessible book presents the logic of robustness testing, provides an operational definition of robustness that can be applied in all quantitative research, and introduces readers to diverse types of robustness tests. This leads naturally to a model validation strategy based on testing the validity of the model’s behavioral implications and/or testing the fit of the model to the data. 1:04 Sources for the lecture. The validity of the model was then assessed according to how well it could forecast (predict) the behavior of households in the treatment villages.162. If the unusual circumstances are instead believed to be temporary, the regulator may wish to take this into account in setting rates that will be reasonable over the entire regulatory period. With all this said, it is our experience that rate regulation tends to adapt to changes in the cost of capital with a lag. (2002a)Manigart et al. Robustness refers to the ability of a model to estimate the cost of capital reliably even when different economic conditions may influence its inputs and implementation, or when the model's assumptions are not fully satisfied. (1992), for example, estimated a model of the retirement behavior of workers in a single firm who were observed before and after the introduction of a temporary one-year pension window. (2008) and Moosa (2011). Also reported in Table 6 are the variance ratio and variance reduction.

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